Which Interrail Pass is best for you?

Seeking a European adventure? Then why not choose to see it by train – a reliable, comfortable, and environmentally friendly way to travel.

Whizzing across borders and discovering ever changing landscapes, jumping aboard in one country and hopping off wherever you should fancy. Smells like freedom to us, and this is exactly what an Interrail Pass can offer.

But which one is right for you?

I want the lot!

Spoilt for choice or not short on time? Choose to see the lot, or at least get close to it, with the Interrail Global Pass. This allows travel into, out of and around 30 European countries (all the hotspots covered) is incredible value for money (5 travel days within 15 days Pass for £183) and has an unrivalled level of flexibility – ideal for those who like to go with the flow.

Let’s get specific

As fussy with your Europe to do list as you are with your almond milk, double shot latte with a dash of hazelnut? Then traveller, the Interrail One Country Pass is the one for you! Each country has its own price level for 3-8 days travel within a one-month period, so you can mix and match or just stick to the one country depending on budget and interests.

Head here to do the maths and start planning your route.

The cherry on top

Not only will an Interrail Pass unlock European escapades, it also gets you discount on extra journeys you may need to make (boat trips and ferries), can be used on the Eurostar AND for those plan-ahead type folks you can even book your pass up to 11 months before you travel.

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Now, need some inspo of where to go?

For the foodies…

This route is going to be jam-packed and freakin’ delicious! Get your stretchy pants at the ready and dig into indulgent pastries in Paris, Belgian truffles and craft beer in Bruges, cheese fondue in Vienna, fresh pasta in Rome and seafood paella washed down with a jug of Sangria in Barcelona.

Suggested route: Paris > Bruges > Amsterdam > Berlin > Vienna > Rome > Barcelona > Lisbon

15 continuous days of travel: Youth standard (12-28) £335 | Adult standard £402

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For the Island hoppers…

Is your idea of a holiday getting as much vitamin D and sea time as poss? We’ve got you covered. Take to the ocean and explore the islands and dreamy coastlines of the Mediterranean. Get the party started in Hvar, sip on cocktails in the white-washed vistas of cosmopolitan Mykonos and snorkel secretive coves in Turkey.

Suggested route: Croatia > Greece > Turkey

7 days travel within 1 month: Youth standard (12-28) £243 | Adult standard £306

(+boats in between islands)

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For the can’t stop won’t stop ravers…

We recommend a Global Pass. As let’s be honest, you need all the flexibility to allow for those spontaneous after-hours decisions. Get ready to stomp it out in Berlin’s warehouses, raise a glass in the cellar bars of Prague and dance til dawn to world-renowned dj’s in Reykjavik.

Suggested route: Reykjavik > Stockholm > Amsterdam > Berlin > Prague > Rome > Mykonos

22 continuous days of travel: Youth standard (12-28) £370 | Adult standard £470

(+travel to Iceland and in between Sweden)

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For the Nordic navigators…

Welcome to Scandinavia – filled with wow-factor fjords, towering forests, friendly (and seriously good-looking) locals and buzzing cities. Splash your krone in Oslo’s jazz clubs, cruise the expansive fjords from Bergen, soak up the Stockholm atmosphere in the old town and take a hike in Helsinki’s surrounding forests.

Suggested route: Oslo > Bergen > Stockholm > Helsinki

10 days travel within 1 month: Youth standard (12-28) £290 | Adult standard £364

(+overnight ferry to Finland, free or discounted with your pass)

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So go forth young traveller and see what Europe has to offer with your trusty Interrail Pass in hand.