Top tips on surviving a long-haul flight

After a journey Down Under for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, Team England athletes shared their top travel tips with us to beat jet lag and make a 14+ hour flight comfortable (or as comfy as it can be…).

H2-oh yeah!

As the fourth fastest English swimmer of all time, we weren’t surprised when David Cumberlidge’s advice was: “Water! You’ve got to stay hydrated so make sure you drink as much as you can before, during and after a long flight to help keep you feeling fresh.” Just maybe take an aisle seat to avoid evil glares from Bob as you pop to and from the loo…

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Tick, tock, body clock

There’s nothing worse than finally reaching your holiday destination and wanting to crash straight away. Wheelchair triathlete Jade Jones-Hall suggests getting a head start on the jetlag by adjusting to the new time zone early: “Do what you can to adjust your body clock before and during the flight, that way it’s less of a shock when you get there and you don’t spend your first few days collapsed in bed!”.

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Move those tiger feet!

One of the more unusual tips we’ve heard, but parasport swimmer Tom Hamer has a couple of hand-luggage musts he swears by. Tom says: “It’s important to stay active and keep moving whilst you’re on a long flight so I always pack a hockey ball and foam roller, so I can stretch on the plane.” Each to their own!

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Shut the world out

Planes aren’t your first thought for a good night’s sleep, but swimmer James Wilby is onto something with his top tip: “Noise-cancelling headphones have been a game changer for me! I sleep so much better when I wear them.” Either get the tunes on or just block out the background noise as your journey literally… flies by…

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Pack Comfy

Swimmer Jessica Fullalove had her own thoughts on packing and in-flight outfits: “I always try to pack a lot of nice-smelling things; you really appreciate it after a long flight. Make sure you dress comfy as well – you’re there to relax!”

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So there you have it, rules to live by for your next long-haul flight and beyond! Congrats to all of the Team England athletes who competed at the Commonwealth Games, bring on the next lot in Birmingham!


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