A guide to Fiji’s Awesome Adventures, islands and resorts

An archipelago of 322 palm-waving and coral-fringed pieces of island perfection, all so lovable that one is heart-shaped, Fiji is a barefoot paradise of smiling locals, pristine white beaches and crystal-clear waters.


The best way to see it all? Awesome Adventures Fiji offer high energy packages and relaxing island escapes lasting between six and twelve days in length. These different island hopping packages, which take you across the whole of the Yasawa archipelago include accommodation, all your transfers between the ten islands covered, and loads of local activities such as snorkelling, kayaking and cooking classes.

There’s different accommodation options, from dorms and bures (Fijian for ‘bungalow’), to resort-style digs. But instead of listing these tropical crash pads as 3, 4 or 5-stars, we’ve gone with something a little more Fijian – rating them with bunches of coconuts.

Need us to be more s-Pacific?

Read on… we’re making this simple for you now. The way Fiji life should be.



A guide to choosing which Awesome Adventures accommodation is best for you


I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts, there they are all standing in a row… but what do they mean?!?!!


1 Coconut

Basic, but beautiful – just the way beach living should be. Usually there is no hot water, often there are no hairdryers, but since when were these things necessities in an island paradise!? All One Coconut resorts are owned and run by Fijians who love hosting and sharing their lives with their guests. Meals are simple, filling, homemade and included in the price. Often, you’ll be in shared dorms or bures (Fijian for ‘bungalow’) with a bunch of new Fiji friends.


2 Coconuts

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Generally, these are more modern properties with a higher standard of accommodation and amenities than 1 coconut properties… but still with a strong Fijian flavour. Ownership and management of these properties is a mix of Fijian and European, always with Fijian staff. Unlike our single coconut abodes, there is a compulsory meal package price to be paid directly to the resort at check-in, but food does tend to be more varied. You’ll also reap the benefits of a fan or air-con.


2+ Coconuts (we call these Yasawa Islands Holidays, now)

We do have a handful of proper fancy properties sprinkled around the Yasawa Islands, which are a bit more exclusive, meaning they’re not available as accommodation to those with multi-island packages such as Coconut Cruiser and Fiji Discovery. You can head there on an island getaway, or book transfers between a couple you’d like to try, on the Awesome Adventures Boat. If you’d like this option, get in touch with one of our Travel Experts.


Some examples…

Naqalia Lodge, Waya Lailai Island – 1 coconut

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Best for: local culture
Naqalia is an experience rather than just a resort. Established by the Tagova clan of Waya Lailai Island, the family seek to immerse you in a Fijian way of life. Your stay at Naqalia Lodge will not only be relaxing but educational as you learn the Fijian culture and traditions. Have your delicious meals prepared in an open fire and join the Naqalia family in singing Fijian songs and sharing stories

About Waya Lailai Island: If you can manage to peel yourself away from your hammock and coconut, hike to the top of this serene island at sunrise or sunset to enjoy stunning views. Enjoy the beauty of the island as well as village visits, hand-line fishing trips, island massages and beach bonfires


Barefoot Kuata Resort, Kuaya Island, Yasawas – 2 coconuts

Best for: diving. With sharks.

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Barefoot Kuata is nestled along a white sandy beach on an island featuring magnificent tall peaks with amazing rock formations. The summit walk is well worth the effort offering spectacular views of the Islands.

The friendly hospitality, superb location and a great variety of activities combine to provide a fantastic holiday experience. Complimentary WiFi and snorkeling gear also provided.

About Kuata Island, the Yasawas: One of the nicest in the Yasawas – with a beautiful beach, huge honeycomb rock formations and an outlook across to Waya Lailai Island. Take the boat trip out to the reef where the staff take you ‘snorkeling with the sharks’! Experienced divers – the Bull Shark dive is for you!


Beachcomber Island Resort – 2 coconuts


Best for: partying

The bar is open late, the band is playing and everyone is on the dance floor – of course, it’s sand, just like the beach so barefoot is the way to go. The centre of the island is covered in lush trees and gardens, with the dorm close to the centre of all the action and the bures set around the shore or back in the trees.

About Beachcomber island

This intimate party island my seem teeny tiny, but it packs more of a punch than any other in Fiji. Think one big floating resort. And nothing else. Shoes not required, zen essential for the whole of your stay.


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