Love islands: match to your perfect Fiji island

If you’re anything like us, you’re obsessed with Love Island (not an island at all, but actually a villa in Mallorca), and you spend the weekday slot of 9pm-10pm frantically WhatsApp’ing your other Love Island-obsessed mates…

Did you know that the first series of Love Island was filmed on Armstrong Island in Fiji? Big up Bianca Gascoigne and Calum Best. In honour of those original islanders, we’re playing the part of ‘The Flack’, and getting ready to couple you up with your perfect Fiji Island – that’s 100% your type, and not just on paper.

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BEST FOR CHILLING – like Eyal, his slow voice and his deep thoughts…

Monuriki Island

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Monuriki Island is famed for being the setting of Tom Hanks’ 2001 blockbuster, Castaway. Only doable as a day trip, the island is completely uninhabited, and so it really is the kind of place you can make best friends with a volleyball and nobody will judge you. Unless, of course, it’s filmed and released in multiplex cinemas around the world. Totally isolated, it’s the perfect place to kick back and let your body hair run wild.

BEST FOR PARTYING – like Josh and his serious moves

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Fancy a lei? Oh stop it, we’re talking about the flower garlands popular with Fijians and Hula Barbies! With picture-postcard good looks, the best nightlife in the Pacific, and only a 45-minute boat from the airport on Fiji’s mainland, Beachcomber is the go-to island for bopping backpackers. On top of the well-stocked bars and non-stick sand dancefloors, there’s also a dive centre and heaps of watersports to keep you occupied during the day.

BEST FOR DIVING – headfirst into an adorable couple like Jack & Dani (but also actual diving)

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Taveuni Island

A real fanta-sea for scuba divers, Taveuni Island is home to some of the best dive sites in the Pacific. One aptly named site, The Zoo, gives divers no-bars access to a natural aquarium of reef sharks, manta rays, barracuda and tropical fish. But it’s the soft coral blooms that make Taveuni world-famous, earning it the title of Soft Coral Capital of the World. We’re personally huge fans. (Fan coral diver dad joke, nailed it).

BEST FOR LOCAL CULTURE – like Hayley and her Brexit knowledge (or maybe not)

Kadavu Island

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Slightly off the main traveller island-hopping trail, but well known amongst divers and eco-warriors thanks to its underwater life and award-winning eco-tourism, Kadavu is also one of the best islands to get a feel for the real Fiji. Some villages are over 2,000 years old, with each of the island’s nine districts having its own chief and each person in the clan taking on a traditional role, such as a fisher, warrior or messenger.


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Volunteering across the Yasawa Islands

If you’re looking to do a bit more than chilling on the beach or hitting the waves (although there’s definitely nothing wrong with that) look up volunteering projects in the cluster of the Yasawa Islands. Teach children at the local schools, conduct marine research and conservation projects, or help build sustainable communities. Dreamy to look at (on a beautiful island) and warms the heart – definitely a good option to couple up with.

BEST FOR WATERSPORTS – like new girl Laura, the surf gal

Tavarua Island

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Almost perfectly heart-shaped, there’s also another reason to love Tavarua – it has some of the world’s best waves. (Acknowledge this accolade by giving ’em a wave back). However, many of them are competition standard, with Cloudbreak reaching up to 20ft and routinely being regarded as one of the world’s best left-hand barrels, so beginners should head to Kiddieland instead. Which is a wave, not a soft play centre.


Viti Levu

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Seriously though, you sometimes have no idea what your type on paper is – are you looking for an island where you can go diving with tiger sharks and rafting the Navua River, or would you rather just chill out, top up your tan, and gorge yourself silly on locally made curries, or take a trip to the traditional mountain village of Navala. Well, you can do all that and more on Viti Levu – your head will be turned multiple times.


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Malolo Island

By sneak off we mean jump on a 10 minute plane ride from Viti Levu to this remote and peaceful romantic retreat. Kick back, relax, have a smooch and enjoy the friendly Fijian welcome for a few days, before heading back to the mainland – and newly enter into the DBS, maybe?

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