How to budget on your Australian road trip

Going on a road trip soon? We put together our top 5 tips to help you budget for your journey, so you can get the most vrooom for your buck…

Consider a sleeper camper

Camping is a good (and cheap) option but you’ll feel much happier resting your head on a real feather pillow in a toasty camper over lying on the ground, especially in winter! If you’re planning on driving through Australia, this could be a great alternative to expensive nights in hotels or hostels.

Drive economically

One of the main outflows for cash on road trips tends to be on petrol. Driving smart can help you save those pennies for something a little more glamorous than fuel; like beer. Although it can be tempting to speed up to minimise your drive time, don’t be afraid to kick back, relax, put on some tunes and save that dollar! It sounds boring, but checking your route before you set off will also help and means you can avoid erratic swerving across lanes… Nobody likes being honked at.

Shop in supermarkets

One of the main temptations whilst travelling can be to treat yourself to a meal out every night. However, dining in means bonding, new skills and more dollar. Some great Aussie selects are Lidl and Coles for cheap and delicious food and drink. Better still, if your camper van comes with a stove, sorted. But if not, don’t dismay you won’t have to live off cold baked beans forever. Many campsites come equipped with kitchen facilities, even in public parks you’ll come across electric BBQ facilities, so you can throw some shrimp on the barbie (sorry).

Free local activities

The best things in life come free to us. Free things in Australia? DOUBLE WIN. Now we’re not saying avoid every paid activity under the sun, but just get picky. You’re more than capable of finding those scenic spots all by yourself. Reading up on blogs and local websites is a great way to plan your activities beforehand and discover those hidden gems that you might not otherwise have found!

Research, research, research

As our teachers used to tell us before exams, fail to plan, plan to fail. Did we listen? Nope. But failed A-Level revision aside, a road trip itinerary is much more important, right?! We found that the best ways to save money were to note down the free parking areas close to the free activities as well as researching the free or at least the cheapest camping sites in the area. In Australia, free camp sites do exist, but they tend to be outweighed by holiday park sites in the same area. Making sure you are in-the-know guarantees that cheap (but awesome) road trip you’ve been dreaming of!

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