The best coffee in the world and where to drink it

Looking for the best coffee in the world and where to drink it?

Oh coffee; our pick-me-up in the morning, our hangover cure and best friend for helping us pretend we’re totally awake. But put down that paper cup of filter coffee, who do you think we are? The losing team in The Apprentice? Don’t pass the sugar, Alan, we’re going premium.

Tanzania Peaberry coffee on Mount Kilimanjaro

Head to where these bad boy beans are grown, Mount Kilimanjaro itself, for a fruity, acidic Arabica coffee. What could be better than finishing a mountainous hike than a cup of joe? A shower. Maybe, a shower… But just think of the views as you look across the country below, steaming cup in hand. Plus, double winner, hand warmer!


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Guatemalan Antigua coffee in Semuc Champey

Grown over 4,500 ft above sea level, this premium coffee is full bodied – like us after pizza Friday’s – spicy and velvety. Take your flask of just-brewed juice to Semuc Champey, one of the most beautiful natural sights in Guatemala. A group of tiered pools perched above a limestone bridge, the trek through the rainforest might be a bit tricky but the emerald pools at the end are worth the feat.


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Sumatra Manheling coffee at Lake Toba

Sweet, herby and earthy, this Indonesian bean is smooth as heck. Head to the Lintong region where the beans in your cup were made and explore Lake Toba – the beauty spot which also doubles as the world’s largest crater lake. According to local legend it was formed by a magic fish; pretty big fish…


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Ethiopian Harrar coffee in Gondar

Wild and exotic, two words we wish were used to describe us, this Arabica bean is grown 4.5-6.5k feet above sea level. Some say it tastes almost like red wine which is enough to sell us a pint or two of the good stuff. Enjoy your coffee after a tour of nearby Gondar, once described as the ‘Camelot of Africa’ and be the royal you were born to be as you tour the nearby royal castles. Move over, Meghan.


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Nicaraguan coffee at Masaya Volcano

Warm your belly and your toes (probably your whole body really) with a trip to Nicaragua’s Masaya Volcano. You can drive your car right up to the lip of the crater as sulphurous clouds billow up from the molten lava lake at the bottom… Bit reckless, no? Just us? After that trip, take a sip on the new entry in all the coffee best lists and get ready for the tastes of CHOCOLATE. Yummm.


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Sulawesi Toraja coffee in Tana Toraja

One of the four Great Sunda Islands in Indonesia, this tropical paradise knows how to brew. The whole island is a dream but once you’ve drunk your dark-chocolate-and-ripe-fruit-in-flavour cup of coffee, head to Tana Toraja for a real taste of local life. This region is famous for embalming their dead in trees, making burial grounds in cliffs and even leaving mummified family members in the house!


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Kenya AA coffee at Diani Beach

Full-bodied, floral and winey, this premium tipple is one to not be missed. Okay, okay, you don’t put beach and coffee together but you haven’t seen Diani Beach. Out on the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya, Diani Beach is a dream getaway made for sandy toes and cheesy grins like those people you see on stock photos.


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Hawaii Kona coffee in Haleakalā National Park

Think Hawaiian coffee and you get a rich yet light taste with a splash of yummy buttery-ness. Hawaii’s islands are Instagram-perfect, don’t pretend you haven’t ogled. Try something different and head to the Bamboo Forest in Haleakalā National Park for some real wood, we mean good adventure and exploring.


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Are we making you thirsty after all that? Sarrryyyyyyy. Check out more on our blog for destination inspirations and travel advice!