6 reasons to visit Fiji

Whether you’re a beach bum or an adrenaline junkie, a scuba diving fanatic or a devout volunteer, Fiji is the place for you! Here’s why our #STATravelBlueTicket winners think Fiji should be your destination of choice…

The people

It’s no secret that Fijian people are the “happiest in the world”, they are said to be the friendliest and most-welcoming in the world. Cruising between islands, we bumped into a local man named Api. After chatting for a while, we were invited into his church the following day and a trip to his village turned into our favourite day. We met the whole village and were even given a free demo on how to open a coconut, plus a taste test – yum!

Take a village tour and experience first-hand the charm of the Fijian spirit. You might even be welcomed with a drink of Kava, the unofficial drink of Fiji. It will be an experience to remember, that’s for sure!


It’s always Fiji time

Time for a little pre-Fiji language lesson. You’ll soon be hearing ‘Bula’ or ‘Bula Vinaka’ every 5 minutes. It means everything, literally. Hello, goodbye, thank you, welcome; Bula!

But there is one more phrase you should be aware of; ‘Fiji time!’. This phrase nicely summarises life on the Fijian islands. No rushing, no hassling, no stressing. It’s always Fiji time and Fiji time will always be ready to welcome you away from home. Ahhhh, we feel zen already.


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The islands

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, there is something for everyone in Fiji. Are you a resort addict? Fiji. An avid backpacker? Fiji. From a choice of around 330 islands, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

On Fiji, the party don’t stop with Beachcomber Island Resort and Cloud 9 off Malolo Island complete with delightful hostels you’ll never want to leave. Or if you’d rather sink your bottle(s) of wine somewhere a little quieter, try Yanuca Island or Matangi.


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The activities

Ease out of your hangover with an array of water-based activities from scuba-diving, kayaking and snorkelling to paddle-boarding and manta-ray spotting! Or, if you prefer staying dry, Fiji is packed full of hikes and amazing local experiences.

Of course, you can also experience the magic from the sky either by zip lining or by taking a scenic helicopter tour. And last but by no means least, beach lovers this one is for you. Kick back, relax and enjoy one of the most scenic destinations in the world from your sunbed while you top up that gorgeous tan!


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It’s a sustainable traveller’s dream

Fiji is home to some of the best volunteer and conservation hubs word-wide. But even a trip to the islands will give you a glimpse of the local eco-friendly attitude towards the country. Take part in local ‘eco walks’ to help clean up the beaches or go one step further and be part of a marine conservation movement that will help Fiji keep its magic for generations to come.


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The views

We’ve googled the pictures and seen the instagrams. Let’s be honest, we’ve probably set it as a digital background circa 2005. We all know Fiji is a little piece of paradise. If that isn’t enough of a reason to make this beautiful country your next choice of destination, then what is?


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So there you are! Our six reasons to visit Fiji. Plus, if you’re fancying a Round the World trip or hitting up Australia, you can add Fiji as a stop for as little as £49! What a BARGAIN! Plus, we love any excuse to extend a holiday… See more from these beautiful islands on our Fiji destination guide.