The 6 best beaches in the Philippines

For beach-bums serious about their passion for lying down in the sunshine, the Philippines is the lesser known alternative to other hotspots like Bali and Thailand. Made up of over seven THOUSAND islands, you can be sure you’re gonna find a slice of heaven here.

El Nido, Palawan

Ok, the famous one. Let’s get it out the way. It’s the Regina George of Filipino beaches; blonde and beautiful and we’re desperate to hang out. Not only is it great for general beaching, it’s a nature lover’s paradise with over 100 species of coral and nearly a thousand types of fish.


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Nacpan Beach

Picture palm tree paradise and Nacpan isn’t far off. It’s a place where the fish are fresher than Will Smith; just look at it on the old IG. It’s also super easy to get to by scooter and there are some sunny walks to be had in the surrounding hills.


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In a country of 7,107 islands, it can be difficult to stand out. Sharks are generally pretty good at grabbing attention. Known to divers around the world, this rustic island paradise off the coast of Cebu has dazzling white beaches, chilled locals and some of the best diving in Southeast Asia.


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Siargao Island

Regarded as the surf capital of the Philippines, this laid-back tropical island is a favourite with international surfers. With both shore and offshore surf, including world-famous Cloud 9, of the 7,000+ islands in the Philippines, this is the best one to catch a break.


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Donsol Bay, Luzon

Known to bring a grown traveller to tears (the mask was just really steamy…), Donsol is one of the best places in the world to see whale sharks. From Nov-Jun you’re pretty much guaranteed to be able to snorkel with these giant spotted swimmers.


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Southern Negros

Want multiple world-class beaches in one short trip? Greedy! Fly into Dumaguete and you’re just an hour from Apo Island – a great diving spot for you Ariel fans, Tambobo Bay and Siquijor Islands.


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Grab your floppy hat and glasses, you know you’d rather be sat on one of these beauty spots instead of crying into your pumpkin spiced latte as you shiver under three jumpers… See more from the Philippines here and get booking!