9 myths about Round the World tickets, answered

Hello confusion, it’s us, STA Travel – the original Round the World Experts. We’re here to answer all your questions about Round the World tickets from; ‘Can you only fly in one direction?’, ‘Are tickets only valid for 12 months?’, ‘Can I only do a set route?’, and ‘Do planes have a left phalange?’ (OK, the last one, we still don’t know the answer…)

Myth: I can’t make up my own route.


This may be true of other travel companies – where you have to choose a route based on mileage, airlines or the number of stops – but happily, that’s not us.
We’ve been negotiating (flirting/bribing) with the world’s leading airlines for over 35 years so just tell our Travel Experts exactly where you want to go, and they’ll piece these tickets together to create your ultimate route.

Example 1: Howard liked Icelandic blondes, doughnuts and ancient South American civilisations. People said it wasn’t possible, some even laughed, we didn’t and so the below route was born, now open to all who share the same dreams. Thanks Howard.


Example 2: Sally landed a job working at a summer camp close to New York, then wanted to travel the whole of the USA overland, before heading to Asia to volunteer. Via, of course, some of the best beaches in the world. And Sally wasn’t the only one who envisioned a gap year that looked just like this. Hence, the Bula Loop was birthed.

Psst. We have a whole host of Round the World routes so popular we named them right here, with extra ‘add-on’ destinations available from just £49 a pop.


Myth: I have to fly in one direction around the world.

Why? Are you Superman? Or Santa?
With our exclusive tickets, there are no restrictions. Fly out and back via the same route, fly in a loop the loop, heck, fly to every single country if you really want (though that really isn’t cost effective). If you can dream it, we can do it – cue the jazzy music.

Example: Ali wanted to fly from the UK to Canada, then to New Zealand, then back to Canada, then back to New Zealand on his Round the World trip. Ali wasn’t great at planning trips but luckily his Travel Expert was.


Myth: I have to be a student to book at STA Travel.

Let’s clear this up once and for all, before someone does a keg stand in one our stores.

True, if you’re a full-time student or under 31, you qualify for our legendary BlueTicket service, however, we still cater to you over 30’s because you know, you don’t hit your 30th birthday and decide to never leave the country again…

Example: Mike had such a good time on his gap year that his mum and dad decided to spend some of Mike’s inheritance on two Round the World tickets. Mike is furious. His parents have ignored his messages on Facebook, they’re in Brazil learning to samba.

Myth: All Round the World tickets go via Australia.

Well, this is definitely not right, but it’s so, so right to go visit Australia. Just sayin’. 

Myth: I have to pay for my ticket all in one go

Baloney! (We love this word, we don’t even care.)

At STA Travel, we don’t agree with credit card debt, organ harvesting or blackmail as legitimate methods to fund your trip. That’s why on the majority of our tickets, you’ll be able to put down a deposit to secure your flights while they’re at their cheapest, and pay the balance 10 weeks before you fly.

Example: Jenny checked her bank account on the 20th of the month to find just £64 left… Gutted after dreaming of booking a trip around the world, she then came across the £49 deposit offer with STA Travel and in ten minutes had her flights booked and spent the remaining £15 on wine to celebrate. Now that’s what we call budget management.

Myth: It’s cheaper to book myself online.

Are you a wizard? No? Luckily our Travel Experts are… Travellers themselves, they’re awesome human beings with the added bonus of having useful flight knowledge!

Round the World tickets are virtually impossible to book online, or the fares are too complex to be available online. Piecing together the route, rules and pricing of months worth of flights takes knowledge, patience and a Sherlock Holmes-style mind palace of airline routes and stopovers.

Myth: Tickets get cheaper the later you book.


Airlines release their seats around 10-11 months ahead of the flight, and those seats are released in different price brackets. The cheapest seats will always sell out first, so the later you book, the more you’ll have to pay.

Example: Cheryl once got a bargain last-minute package holiday to Falirake in Greece, so waited until the week before to book her Round the World ticket. Cheryl is going back to Falirake this year.


Myth: I can only go away for 12 months.

Granted, this is the case with some set Round the World tickets. However, we realised long ago that one year wasn’t nearly long enough to see the world. That’s why we have unique tickets where you can stay away for 18 months or longer. Perfect for working holiday makers, students and trust fund jetset babies with bundles of someone else’s cash.