Introducing INDI: Our tailor-made travel itineraries

Here at STA Travel, we’re always looking to come up with new and unique ideas for our travellers, and this year was no different. We launched INDI, our no rules tailor-made travel concept for independent adventurers. We figured that we’re all unique INDI-viduals (get it?), so why should we all travel the same?

With INDI, any adventure is possible. Whether you’re travelling solo, as a couple or with a group of mates, we’ll sort the exact transport, experiences and accommodation you want. Speedboat down the Ganges? Try us. Hot air balloon over it? Consider it booked. No diva demand is too much for our dedicated INDI Travel Experts. Anything you want will all be tailor-made into an original, personalised itinerary for you!

Want to know more? We asked our INDI team, Damon and Sarah, to inspire us further…


What would you say the most popular destination is for you guys when organising INDI trips?


Sarah: At the moment, the most popular destination is definitely Sri Lanka. There’s heaps of stuff to do there and it’s ideal for all types of travellers, especially those who maybe only have 1-2 weeks to play with and want to get around it all using a mixture of train, bus and private driver. With eight UNESCO sites, 26 national parks, plenty of tea plantations to hike through and hundreds of unspoilt beaches, there’s more than enough to keep everyone happy. No wonder Lonely Planet have voted it their top destination for 2019!


Give us your Ultimate two-week travel itinerary for anywhere in the world…

Damon: We reckon a self-drive trip along South Africa’s Garden Route would be your best bet for a two-week trip. It’s one of Africa’s most famous drives and takes you all the way from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth; 300 kilometres of national parks, vineyards, bungy jumps and beaches!


What’s the most obscure country you’ve organised a trip to for someone, and what exactly did it involve?



Sarah: Two spring to mind- both were Africa travel itineraries. First off, we’d say Ghana for a trip to see the infamous Door of No Return. Otherwise known as the House of Slaves, this notorious building is a museum and memorial dedicated to those that were affected by the Atlantic Slave Trade. It’s situated two kilometres offshore from Dakar on Gorée Island.

Damon: Ethiopia. Tucked in between the Middle East and Africa, it offers a completely different cultural experience to the more famous safari destinations of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. One of the most intriguing destinations here is Lalibela; a town famous for its 11 rock-cut monolithic churches. They date all the way back to the 13th-century if you can believe it!”


What’s some of the most weird and wonderful accommodation you’ve booked for people?



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Damon: We’ve had quite a few interesting places booked since we launched. One of the best was probably the Underwater Room in Pemba’s Manta Resort, in Zanzibar, Tanzania. It’s a floating cabin anchored 250 metres offshore, and the bedroom is located actually underwater! It’s got a 360-degree view of the surrounding ocean, and at night there are floodlights, so chances are you’ll be going to sleeping surrounded by fish. Definitely one for the Instagram…

Sarah: Another one would be Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya. Here you’ll enjoy your breakfast alongside a herd of Rothschild giraffes that love to stick their long necks through the windows to be fed treats! It’s pretty unique to say the least…


What are some of the most ‘out there’ things you’ve pulled together for a trip?


Damon: One guy wanted a two-week itinerary completely revolved around birdwatching in Ecuador. Another wanted to encounter lemurs in Madagascar and one just wanted to go hiking across volcanic craters in Tanzania.

Sarah: One customer was a professional photographer, so he organised an entire private sightseeing tour, just so he could get that ‘perfect’ travel shot that tour groups wouldn’t be able to wait around for.


Are there any stand-out local tour providers, drivers or guides that you can offer travellers?

To be honest, the good thing about INDI is that we can offer basically anything (and we mean anything) to our travellers. Any adventure is possible, so all you need to provide us with is your budget and destination of choice and we’ll do all the legwork for you, ensuring that if you want that authentic local (and super-fun and friendly) local experience, you’ll get it.


If you’re planning a once-in-a-lifetime trip or honeymoon and want to find out more about our INDI tailor-made travel itineraries, and the kind of adventures Damon and Sarah can send you on, click here for further information… or test us – shoot them an email here.