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Where to eat vegetarian & vegan in North America

Whether you were converted by Veganuary, or you’re a seasoned veggie/vegan, it’s always nice to know that there will be plenty of things to munch when you travel abroad. You won’t suffer from hunger in North America, that’s for sure! Claire Sheridan, veg-lover and worldly traveller, is here to give you the low-down.

Food in the USA

Now, it’s not possible to talk about every state (you know, with there being 50 and all), but thankfully, in the USA it’s now pretty easy to eat veggie or vegan without any problems. It’s a country with a lot of meat, sure, but sources suggest that there was a 600% increase in vegans back in 2017, and it’s been picking up ever since – so you’ll be A-ok.

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If you’re going to major grocery stores, you won’t have much to worry about. There’s a wide range of meat substitutes from brands like Beyond Meat and Gardein, a range of meatless products called Yves, and plenty of dairy-free snacks and products galore.

California is by far the most veggie-friendly place to be, with a liberal, laid-back attitude. A lot of its residents are hot on the latest diet trends, as well as doing their bit for animals and the environment. Rub shoulders in LA with celebs and try eating at Sage, Veggie Grill, Butcher’s Daughter, or Café Gratitude.

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Just a few hours south, you’ll find San Diego, where things are far from run-of-the-mill – how’s a death metal bar ironically serving food without death sound? Pop to Kindred if you’re curious, or try Plumeria Thai if you’re not feeling the heavy metal vibe. And in San Francisco, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Cha-Ya sets itself apart from the crowd with Japanese food that’s wholly veggie, Ananda Fuara deals in “spiritual” cruelty-free dining, while Gracias Madre brings the organic, vegan Mexican good stuff.

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If you’re passing through Portland, give Blossoming Lotus a go. In Seattle, it’s best to try Wayward Vegan Café.

Over in Vegas, you may be naughty in every other way, but that doesn’t mean you can’t eat nice. VegeNation has widely diverse offerings with a global, plant-based menu, or try Simply Pure by Chef Stacey Dougan instead.

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If you happen to pass through Denver, try Watercourse Foods or perhaps City, O’ City.

Visiting Chicago? Try Munch or Pick Me Up Cafe, and then even further north, Detroit has Detroit Vegan Soul.

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Way over to the East you’ve got New York as another popular vegan haunt. It’s got the likes of By Chloe, Beyond Sushi, and Blossom in Manhattan, as well as Champs Diner in Brooklyn. Nearby Philadelphia is a veggie haven, so try Charlie Was A Sinner to get to veggie heaven, or alternatively, go to Vedge. And in Boston, go to Cuong’s Vegan Sandwiches.

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In the South, you may struggle a little more, as you’re entering the land of the BBQ. However, you’re in for a treat in Austin, thanks to True Food Kitchen, BBQ Revolution, and Arlo’s food truck. Nashville is hot on its tail, you’ll find a growing community and will love the likes of Mellow Mushroom and The Wild Cow. New Orleans has Seed, while Atlanta residents love Viva La Vegan.

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The Carolinas are in on the action, too. Asheville (especially) and Greenville both have active vegan communities, and so head to Plant or Firestorm Books & Coffee (which doubles as a community space) in Asheville, and O-Cha Tea Bar or Swad Vegetarian Indian in Greenville.

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In Florida, travellers will love Dandelion Communitea Café or Market on South in Orlando. Keep an eye out for the all-vegan restaurant from Blink 182’s personal road chef, Mary Mattern, called Winter Park Biscuit Company – all about the vegan biscuits (aka scones in the UK). You can also try Plant Theory in sunny Miami.


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Across the country, ordinary chain restaurants will provide a variety of options for you. So, no matter where you are, you will have yummy choices and no hassle. Are you ready to give this veggie/vegan travelling a go? Search flights to the USA now!


The Canadians are super-hot on the vegan and vegetarian vibe. Again, some of the provinces do this better than others, but you will always find a range of veggie-friendly stuff in supermarkets for saving money with hostel cooking.

With restaurants, Ontario leads the way, and in Toronto alone, you’ve got Hogtown Vegan, Cosmic Treats, Doomie’s, and YamChops Plant-Based Butcher & Market, a plant-based market. In Ottawa, head to Café My House. Finally, if you’re hitting up Niagara Falls, The Kasbah has a range of Greek cuisine and plenty of vegan options.

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Vancouver is a hipster haven, and with hipsters, you often find quirky and creative cooking. There are loads of meat-free delicious delicacies here, found at Meet, where you really don’t even notice the burgers aren’t actual meat, as well as Chickpea and The Acorn.

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Banff is highly popular with the ski crowd, and places like Nourish Bistro will go down a treat. In Calgary, The Coup is highly rated and your best bet. Then, in Montreal, try Aux Vivres.

Generally, both of these North American nations have plenty of places where you can eat. Thankfully, the world is getting more accessible to meat-free lifestyles every day. Book your cheap flights to North America now and taste these delicious plant-based foods!