Flight match: Find your multi-stop or Round the World

Round the World and multi-stop flights. Confusing, right?


Basically, our Travel Experts can pretty much create any Round the World or multi-stop route from our super-flexible and exclusive BlueTicket student, under 31 and open-to-all adult fares. Some combinations can be more cost-effective, and thus form the basis of our most popular routes, but we can advise on this instore and work to your budget and bucketlist.

We’re essentially a travel matching service.

For example. Jack loves Asia and the Americas, but doesn’t like Australia or New Zealand. We don’t agree with Jack (who has clearly never snowboarded in Queenstown, snorkelled off the Great Barrier Reef, or eaten his holiday weight in Tim Tams and Whittaker’s chocolate… Tsssk, bad Jack). However, as the Cilla Blacks of the backpacker world, this is the cross we must bear. This is what Jack wanted, and so this is what he got. It actually worked out pretty well, plus, we were drinking rum at the time…


Mojitos Before Bros

The route: UK – Toronto – Buenos Aires – make your way to Bogota – Fort Lauderdale – LA – make your own way to Las Vegas – Vancouver – Tokyo – Manila, Philippines – Hong Kong – Bangkok – Dubai – back to UK.


The world is your… oyster?

Essentially, if we weren’t the kind of people who knew that actually, 70% of oysters naturally contain norovirus, we’d say something cheesy like, ‘With our Round the World routes, the world is your oyster!’. However, we do know this, and so we won’t. Because basically, no one has ever been inspired by the prospect of a stomach bug.
So we’ll just say this. If you tell our Travel Experts what you want, they’ll cost it up for you. To help get an idea of what’s possible and prices, the team at STA Travel HQ have put together some of their favourite routes. Book them, adapt them, create your own.



So named, because these multi-stop routes are out of this world cheap.

The Northern Monkey

The route: UK – Reykjavik – Toronto – make your own way to New York – back to London

Named by our office Northerners (similarly responsible for The Bobby Dazzler, another awesome route), we love this multi-stop. When choosing it, the shopping list of stopovers went something like this: Mum went to Iceland… and Canada, and then the USA.

It’s also cheap as a bag of frozen chips, from £369 for students or under 31 / £419 open-to-all and you can find out more about it here.


The Gastronaught

The route: UK – Singapore – make your own way to Bangkok – Colombo, Sri Lanka – back to the UK

Named by Alexx – our resident foodie, photographer and drone geek – this all-Asia multi-stop is sweet like coconut curry, and cheap like a Singapore Hawker Market, from only £649 for students or under 31, and £719 open-to-all.

Make the most of it by using Bangkok as a base to explore Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam overland, before winding your way down a trail of barefoot islands and jungles into Malaysia and Singapore.



One love is all you need. (Not our words, but those of British boyband, Blue).

The Big Five

The route: UK – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Cape Town – make your own way to Johannesburg – Zanzibar – Nairobi – back to the UK

One for wildlife and beach lovers, this all-Africa route has got some serious game. Take advantage of the overland sections to road trip along the Garden Route and Eastern Cape between Cape Town and Johannesburg, and get in some serious wildlife spotting between the tropical island paradise of Zanzibar and Nairobi. Nature is calling from £769 for students or under 31 / £839 open-to-all.


D’Asia Vu

The route: UK – Tokyo – Manila, Philippines – Bali – Singapore – Borneo – Ho Chu Minh City, Vietnam – make your own way to Bangkok –  back to UK

Chosen by Rachael in our Digital Marketing team, this is an oldie revisited, only now with even more stops! It also hits some of 2019’s biggest trending destinations – Japan, the Philippines and Borneo. The only downside is that it’s only available on our exclusive student and under 31 BlueTicket contracts (sorry guys, back to the cruise ship…). From £1,199.



The Barney Rubble double, rock your route like our favourite Flinstone.

Simba to Samba

The route: (It’s the orange one, on the map above). UK – Nairobi, Kenya – make your own way to Johannesburg – Sao Paulo, Brazil – Buenos Aires – make your own way to Lima, Peru – Panama City – make your own way through Central America to Cancun – back to the UK

Our senior graphic designer, Simba, likes to think that this route is named after him. It’s not, it’s named after a lion cub with a mean uncle, but we let him believe what he wants because we needed someone to design the map for us. Combining just Africa and Latin America, without any of the usual Asia and Australia stops, this route is one for rebels. And only possible because of our student and under 31 BlueTicket contracts, we’re afraid. From £1,199.


Sax and the City

The route: (it’s the red one, on the map above) UK – Reykjavik – New York – make your own way to Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Cancun – make your own way to San Jose, Costa Rica – Lima – make your own way to Rio de Janeiro – back to the UK

“I’ve spent $40,000 on shoes and I have no place to live? I will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes!”
OR you could spend a mere £999 on this music-mad multi-stop and live out of a backpack instead. You’ll travel through the bright lights and Latino beats of North and Latin America. Culture vultures, we may be. Carrie Bradshaw, we ain’t.


The Yellow Brick Road


The route: (Psst – it’s the purple one on the map above). UK – Tokyo – Fiji – Sydney – make your own way to Melbourne – back to the UK

From Mount Fuji to Fiji, whichever way you look at it, all roads lead to Oz. Deceptively simple in stopovers, there is so much to love about this route. Great for sabbaticals and working holiday visas, explore huge chunks of Australia and New Zealand, and use Fiji as a jumping off point for the rest of the Pacific. From £1,149 for students and under 31 / £1,249 open-to-all.


The Wild Child

The route: It’s the pink one on the map above. UK – Sydney – Christchurch, New Zealand – make your own way to Auckland – Santiago, Chile – make your own way to Buenos Aires – Rio de Janeiro – Lisbon – back to the UK

You animal! An unusual route due to its lack of stops in Asia, this would suit second time travellers who’ve already travelled a chunk of Southeast Asia or are saving it for shorter trips. From the Aussie Outback to the Amazon, and Sydney to Buenos Aires, this is packed with wildlife and wild nights, so pack an eye mask. Plus, we added a stopover in Lisbon. Largely because Pastel de natas are awesome. From £1599, students or under 31 only.



Spin me right round, baby.

The Sidekick

The route: UK – Kuala Lumpur – Sydney – make your own way to Melbourne – LA – make your own way to New York – back to UK

The Round the World of the wedding world, this route is perhaps always destined to be the bridesmaid. It doesn’t show off with fancy zig zags and backtracks, but this is precisely why we love it. An absolute classic, it’s as trusty as it is timeless. It’s also a freaking bargain, from only £999 for students or under 31 and you can find out more here.


Coco Loco

The route: UK – Bangkok – Make your own way through Southeast Asia to Singapore – Melbourne – make your own way to Sydney. Add Fiji on for another £49, or fly straight to Christchurch, New Zealand – Auckland – LA – make your own way to San Francisco – Mexico City – Cuba – back to the UK.

New for 2019, this route was born out of Friday afternoon office drinks. It’s certainly one for the beaches. Climb a palm tree, read a book, dance the rumba, add rum where required. Because sometimes, life really is that simple. From £1,599 for students or under 31. Find out more here.


The Speedbump

The route: UK – Kilimajaro, Tanzania – make your own way to Johannesburg – Perth – make your own way to Sydney – Auckland – Buenos Aires – make your own way to Rio de Janeiro – back to the UK

Sometimes, you just have to employ a Roy Walker Catchphrase approach to life, and say what you see. Other times, it’s 6pm on a Friday and you just need a Round the World name.
This route may sound pedestrian, but it’s gnarly AF. It appeals to wild adventures that cross borders and comfort zones. Hike Mt Kilimanjaro, overland through Africa, roadtrip across Australia’s Nullarbor, campervan around Narnia (New Zealand), and waterfall and island hop between two of South America’s greatest cities – Buenos Aires to Rio. From £1,599 for students or under 31.


Got your own ideas about where in the world would make up a dreamy route? Cool, we’d love to hear it. The beauty of our Round the World and multi-stop routes is that you can choose one of our examples, build on them, or completely make up your own. It’s your route. So your rules. Check out some more examples here, or get in touch with one of our Round the World experts on 03333210095.