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Top 5 places to visit in America for beer

Not just about dramatic landscapes, rich and diverse history, and extra-large food portions, America leads the way in cultish craft beer. Full of historic breweries and beardy backyard brewers turning out hop-based puns, here are five of the best beer towns you should tap into.

America’s ‘hoppy’ places

1. Portland, Oregon

Pioneers of the microbrewery and home to more breweries than any city on Earth (over 75 at the last count), this music and pub-loving city justly deserves the title ‘Beervana’.

Festival pick: Portland Craft Beer Festival
When: Beginning of July
Why go? A festival hosted by the ‘The Best Beer City in the World’. No brainer.

2. Denver, Colorado

Colorado was the first joint state to legalise cannabis, so is clearly committed to making the world a hoppier place. Their craft beers are also pretty dope, too.

Festival pick: The Great American Beer Festival
When: September
Why go? Because it’s the nation’s biggest beer festival with over 3,800 brews.

3. Boston, Massachusetts

Birthplace of American beer cult classic, Samuel Adams, Bostonians take their heritage very seriously and consume more beer per capita than anywhere else in America.

Festival pick: Extreme Beer Fest
When? February
Why go? Because skydiving and jet-boating just aren’t extreme enough anymore.

4. Bend, Oregon

What’s not to love about Bend? You can get a beer passport (BEER PASSPORT) stamped at 18 breweries along the Bend Ale Trail, plus a brewery that serves non-alcoholic beer FOR DOGS.

Festival pick: Bend Brewfest
When? August
Why go? Because in Bend, you’re only ever two letters away from a bender.

5. San Diego, California

Who knew that behind the healthy Californian suntans and laid-back seaside glamour, sunny San Diego held such strong beer swilling status?

Festival pick: BEER X
When? June
Why go? For the challenge of trying to “Stay classy San Diego” when surrounded by live bands and 120+ brews.

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