Travel trends for the next decade

With 2019 gone and along with it a whole decade, it’s time to look to the future and see what the next decade of travel has in store for us. The last ten years gave us cheaper flights, electronic boarding passes and a surge in sustainable travel. Not to mention sharing your holiday snaps with your family back in the UK in real-time on emerging social media platforms and the introduction of Insta-stories 

Now we’ve managed to shake-off the New Year’s hangovers and started planning our year in travel, let’s take a look at what the next decade could bring us. 


The concept is, wait for it, passports on an app. Yep. Imagine. The last decade saw the effective death of paper boarding passes replaced by airline apps. So the airlines have decided, why not go the whole hog and just turn that wallet app into a place to keep your passport too. The best part? You’ll never have those last-minute scares about which drawer you put your passport in last because it’s all stored on your phone. And if you’re even half of the average Gen-Z, your phone will never leave your side. Though you better make sure your phone has charge when you get to border control otherwise it could get a tad awkward… 

Eco travel, the Greta effect  

Donald Trump might not be a huge fan (#Twittergate) but that hasn’t stopped The Greta Effect becoming a thing. It’s definitely something you could call a millennial travel trend, but it is more important than being typecast as ‘one of those millennial things’. The travel industry is going to spend a considerable amount of the next decade working out how it can be far more environmentally friendly whilst also delivering quality tourism.   

People are increasingly wanting unique tourism in the face of over-tourism but are also very conscious about their environmental footprint. The alternatives could mean spending more quality time in a place and help to grow a local community by contributing to the economy or making sure to offset flights and limit how many flights you take once you are travelling. I don’t have any definitive answers for you but I promise you the next decade will be one spent trying to answer these questions.  

Doing your job on the move  

Imagine instead of being stuck in an office on the 9 to 5 and only travelling during your 20 days holiday, you could merge work and travelling together and get the best of both worldsPicture the scene: you wake up with ocean views, set up your laptop on the outside balcony connecting to the free Wi-Fi and watching the sun tickle the waves as you type up your latest sales report. Then at the end of the day, you pack up your bag and jump on a train to go explore a new land.   

Sounds like heaven right? Well, the next decade could be the big shift to working on the move whilst travelling, meaning exploring new cities and cultures won’t just be a part-time hobby.  

Biometric payments 

We’ve had contactless for a few years now and it’s pretty blooming helpful. But why stop there? Scrap the card and pay for everything with your fingerprint or an eye scan. It would make life so much easier especially when travelling, eliminating the risks of pickpockets or losing any cash you have 

This technology is not that far away meaning it could be a definite upcoming trend in the future of payments abroad.  

Space travel?  

I couldn’t write about future travel trends without mentioning the ‘s’ word. This decade could well be when we see paying customers jumping on a spaceship for some elite-level star gazing. The big question is whether it’s going to be Richard Branson or Elon Musk taking you up into space and how much they’re willing to charge for the pleasure. After all, come 2032 (a mere 12 years’ time) there will be people living on Mars, on the Mars One mission 

The last decade was a big one for travel and I think we can see here that the next decade could be an even bigger and more exciting one. Wherever your travels might take you, sit back and enjoy the ride. If you want to come further back to earth, see our 2020 trending holiday destinations that keep your feet firmly on the ground!