15 Australian snacks you have to try now

If you need a reason to go Down Under, we can give you fifteen. Here’s our rundown of the best Aussie snacks you should be importing right now:

Tim Tams

These popular Australian treats are like Penguins but so much better. You can have the standard chocolate version but if you were being true to yourself, you’d get the double coated chocolate. YUM.

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This hotly debated Aussie snack causes much dispute between the Aussies and the Kiwis. Who made it first? Apparently, the Aussie version has a much crispier meringue and that definitely gets our vote. #summerdessertgoals

Caramello Koalas

Basically Freddos with caramel in them. In Australia, they’re the ultimate playground favourite and a firm guilty pleasure in office kitchens across the country. Better still, Cadbury are currently donating all proceeds from these and Freddos to the Bushfire Relief.

Anything Vegemite related

Vegemite is one of the most famous Aussie snacks out there so it’s no surprise that you could put it on anything (literally) and Aussies will go mad for it. Our favourite? Cheesymite scrolls. These bad boys are coffee scrolls with cheese and vegemite; the ultimate combination.

Fun fact: Cadbury even did a limited-edition vegemite chocolate bar which had Aussies divided; we think we’re okay not trying this one.


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Chicken salt

Okay so it’s not exactly a snack, a mere seasoning but its strong following meant we just had to include it. Put it on steaming hot chips from the local chippy and it’ll have you begging for more. We’re not completely sold that it’s not just stock cubes broken up but hey, it tastes good so we’ll go with it.


Who can say no to a box of crisps? Shapes are a delicious Aussie savoury treat that come in BBQ, pizza and chicken flavours (cheese and bacon don’t make the cut for us).

Minties and Fantales

Think you’re too old for sweets? Think again. Minties and Fantales are worth the toothache, especially as they’re chewy lollies and chocolates that blast your mouth with flavour. Better yet, if you’re low on your movie trivia, the wrappers provide you with fun fast facts to help you win your local pub quiz!


If you’re looking for a chocolate and biscuit hybrid, Pods answer all of your prayers. They’re delicious but dangerous; if you eat too many, your mouth genuinely starts to hurt. Limit yourself and don’t live to regret these delicious chocolatey treats.

Meat pie

Meat pies are a classic for the Aussies, with the Four ‘n’ Twenty brand being one of the most typical. Whether you’re a sucker for chicken pies, steak pies or any pie in between, you’ll find it in Australia. No doubt.


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Snags (sausages)

Who doesn’t love a sausage? Bonus points if it’s a Bunnings sausage sizzle. Word of warning though, if it lacks onions then it’s not considered a sausage sizzle.

Fun fact: Selling sausage sizzles are the default fundraising activity in primary schools.

Potato cakes and dim sims

 It might sound like we’re sending you to the local takeaway a little too much but these are worth the trip. If you’re feeling brave, you can even try them at a local train station but these can be somewhat dubious.

Dim Sims are meat and vegetable dumplings, can be steamed or deep fried and served with soy sauce. Although not authentic Aussie food, these are hugely popular Down Under and definitely worth a serving.


As the first cake to feature on the list, the Lamington deserves a description. It’s a buttery sponge cake with dreamy chocolate sauce and an outer layer of coconut. Perfect for a 3 o’clock cup of tea and sweet treat. Mmmm.


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As a kid, you’d wear Cheezels on your fingers and bite them off. As an adult, you might want to be a tad more conservative and only eat them off your wedding ring finger. However you decide to eat them, the strong, cheesy taste will have you addicted. You were warned.

Cherry Ripe

Another Aussie Cadbury classic; coconut and cherry filling coated in dark chocolate. Oh yes. Think dark chocolate bounty with a hint of cherry. We. Are. Salivating.

Fairy bread

We know you’ve been waiting for this one – fairy bread. Probably the simplest recipes of all of the snacks; white bread, butter and hundreds and thousands sprinkles scatted on top. You don’t have to be five to enjoy fairy bread but the older you get, the more secretive you may have to get about eating it…


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