By Hannah Jeffery

11 travel gifts for eco-conscious wanderers

Such is the current reusable and recycling revolution, that at home, most of us wouldn’t dream of buying single-use plastic water bottles and throwaway coffee…

Latin America
By Claudia Posada

A local’s guide to Santiago

This time as part of our ‘Local Insider Series’ we asked Claudia, our Brochure Content Executive, to tell us all about Santiago. She studied there for 5 months on an exchange program (there and Paris, lucky gal), eating all the ice cream, drinking all the wine, and travelling around the country whenever she could.

By Hannah Jeffery

Europe’s best island hopping

From Ibiza’s barefoot Balearic beats to the castaway islands of Croatia or turquoise waters and ancient ruins of Greece and Turkey, summertime in Europe is all a boat island hopping.

By Rachael Porter

A local’s guide to Adelaide

This time as part of our ‘Local Insider Series’ we asked Kate Beveridge, one of our Travel Experts down in Adelaide, to tell us everything we need to know about this little slice of Australia. Step out of the shadows Adelaide… it’s your time to shine!

By Guest Blogger

The Ultimate Guide to the Australia Working Holiday

We’re Matt and Ally, a British/Canadian couple who live for travelling and blog about it at Borderline Backpackers. We’re here to help you with getting an Australia Working Holiday visa, nailing a job while you’re there, and staying as long as you can.

By Sasha Khan

The ultimate guide to the African safari

Heading out on an African safari? We get that it’s a big one to plan. Where to go, how long for and the big question: how much will it all cost? Look no further – we know, because we go.

By Rachael Porter

Top places to visit in Bali

A serene escape from the hustle and bustle of the 9 to 5. A way to blow off some steam after a hefty period of university deadlines and exams. A new and interesting culture. An island getaway. Bali offers all these things, and more.

By Guest Blogger

North Thailand vs south Thailand: which is best for you?

Ellie Quinn, influencer and travel blogger at The Wandering Quinn, is back from her trip to Thailand. We sent her on two Contiki tours to experience the different sides of island life, from soaking up the culture in the north to relaxing in tropical paradise in the south.

North America
By Kim Durbridge

8 times the USA had absolutely no chill

Motels full of clowns, theatres made of corn on the cob and Burning Man. Here’s eight of the USA’s biggest and boldest creations…

By Georgina Birch

Binoculars at the ready! The 6 best spots for wildlife in Western Australia

From whale sharks to quokkas. Here’s a list of friendly animals you’ll want to meet in WA.