By Hannah Jeffery

Love islands: match to your perfect Fiji island

Looking to meet your match? In terms of holiday destinations, of course. In honour of this years Love ISLAND we’ve matched contestants to islands, in the hope we can match you up to your perfect Fijian getaway.

By Rachael Porter

15 lessons we’ve learned from travelling the world, as told by Queer Eye

Who knew there were so many scenes in Queer Eye that would apply to the world of travelling?

By Georgina Birch

Sofa vs. Safari

Doing a safari in Africa is a bucket-list item for many people for sure (I know it’s on ours!). We promise you, it beats lying around on the sofa. Don’t believe us? Let’s see shall we?

By Cecilia Drummond-Roe

12 gin bars you need to visit around the world

Love nothing more than sipping on a refreshing glass of G&T alfresco? You’re not alone as the good old-fashioned combo continues to rule the bar…

By Hannah Jeffery

Join the green scene! Our eco-traveller packing guide. 

Here are just some of our favourite eco-friendly and sustainable travel products that are currently out there. 

By Kim Durbridge

CAN’T TOUCH THIS: 8 places to get your cactus fix

Look sharp! Here are our favourite spots around the world to go coo coo for cacti.

By Laura Caveney

13 unique and unusual places you NEED to stay in

We’re all about embracing the unusual here at STA Travel and when it comes to accommodation, the quirkier the better! Earn some serious travel street-cred…

By Hannah Jeffery

Best trips for solo travellers

Don’t waste time waiting for your pals to book! Epic festivals, unique wildlife, yoga retreats and more are ready when you are. Check out our best trips for solo adventurers.

By Sam Hopkins

The Banana Pancake Trail

Here’s the lowdown on the Banana Pancake Trail’s key destinations and, because all this talk of pancakes made us hungry, where you can dig into an epic nana-stack too.

By Sam Hopkins

Nama-Stays – The 6 best yoga retreats for backpackers

Here’s our pick of yoga retreats around the world to get some well-deserved TLC