By Rachael Porter

Top 10 cities to stay in Europe for under £40

We’re 40 this year, believe it or not (we use good anti-wrinkle cream) and to celebrate we’ve combed through all our hostel deals across Europe to piece together a list of cities that you can stay in for two nights for less than £40!

Latin America
By Emma Mitra

Your Rio Carnival Survival Guide

The time to get your flights to Rio Carnival booked is fast approaching, so check out our guide to help you make the most of every single sequinned-head-dress, street-party-dancing, samba-moves-busting minute at the world’s biggest celebration.

By Rachael Porter

New Year, old me: ways to look after yourself in 2019

This year it’s all about you: be kind to yourself, take time out, and let yourself recharge. Look after your mind, body and soul with these top tips…

By Hannah Jeffery

24 things travellers may find confusing about Australia

Because thongs, ponies and lollies are just not what you think they are…

By Kim Durbridge

How to save enough money to travel

Ahh, is there anything that evokes a bigger sense of wanderlust than a good old-fashioned grey, skint January? That’s where we come in! Step away…

By Sam Hopkins

How to get the most out of your annual leave in 2019

It sounds like some sort of magic trick, but you don’t need to be Derren Brown to practically double the amount of annual leave you…

By Guest Blogger

6 reasons to visit Fiji

Whether you’re a beach bum or an adrenaline junkie, a scuba diving fanatic or a devout volunteer, Fiji is the place for you! Here’s why…

By Guest Blogger

How to budget on your Australian road trip

Going on a road trip soon? We put together our top 5 tips to help you budget for your journey, so you can get the…

By Laura Caveney

The best coffee in the world and where to drink it

Looking for the best coffee in the world and where to drink it? Oh coffee; our pick-me-up in the morning, our hangover cure and best…

By Hannah Jeffery

8 things you need to know about booking your next flight as early as possible

Check out these top insider tips on saving money on your next flight.