By Kim Durbridge

2019’s trending travel destinations

New year, new adventures!  Back throughout December and the first week of January, we hosted a poll and got you wanderlusting lot to share with us where…

By Claudia Posada

Why do volunteer work abroad with STA Travel?

Got the travel itch but also keen to do something more with your time abroad? Volunteering could be the perfect solution.

By Claudia Posada

Our ten best holiday destinations for 2019

Winter got you blue? Here’s our ten most popular beach break destinations to inspire your wanderlust. Say “Ayubowan” to Sri Lanka, “halo!” to Bali and “Hola!” to the Yucatan’s warm embrace…

By Hannah Jeffery

10 things in New Zealand to throw yourself off

Because extreme sports are to New Zealand, like macaroni is to cheese. From bungy jumping to giant inflatable balls – this blog details it all.

By Sam Hopkins

Introducing INDI: Our tailor-made travel itineraries

Here at STA Travel, we’re always looking to come up with new and unique ideas for our travellers, and this year was no different. We…

By Cecilia Drummond-Roe

A two-week itinerary in Victoria, Australia

Think Victoria, Australia and you’ll probably think of its capital, Melbourne, right? But beyond this capital of sport, shopping and best of all, COFFEE, is…

By Kaja Zuvac-Graves

Best hikes in Asia

A region full of national parks, rainforests, beaches and mountains: Asia is a hiker’s paradise. Have you ticked any of these off your list?

By Laura Caveney

6 ‘Spooktacular’ Halloween Events from Around the World

Whether your thing is dressing up as Dracula, wearing a costume that resembles something out of the 70’s version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory…

By Cecilia Drummond-Roe

5 reasons why you should book a group tour

Booking a tour can be a scary thought, especially if it’s your first time. Where do you go? What do you do? And why should…

North America
By Georgina Birch

The ten best things to do in Whistler, all year round

You’ve no doubt heard or Whistler’s epic snowfall and opportunities to shred the gnarliest powder around. However, there’s so much more to Whistler that goes…