By Henry Wilkinson

How volunteering with elephants turned into a dream job

Ever been caught staring out the window, wondering about taking a break and just going travelling? We’ve all been there, especially in those long Monday…

By Claudia Posada

Why do volunteer work abroad with STA Travel?

Got the travel itch but also keen to do something more with your time abroad? Volunteering could be the perfect solution.

By Lisa Crowther

7 Ways to Choose the Right Volunteer Project For You

With such a huge selection of worthy volunteering projects to choose from, it can be difficult to pin point exactly which is right for you. Here are our top tips for choosing your project and making the most of this unique travel opportunity.

By Guest Blogger

Make waves as a marine and conservation volunteer

STAnd up, do good, and make waves this World Ocean Day. Here are our favourite marine conservation projects…

By Danielle Woods

Volunteering projects abroad: What’s your volun-tribe?

Looking to boost that CV, learn more about your host country’s culture and get involved with the local community? If you want to bring more…

By Jemma Wilson

4 ways to get down with the locals in New Zealand

Want more than just a whistle-stop tour of New Zealand’s tourist attractions? Why not take your journey to a new level and get down with…

Latin America
By Alice Carter

8 turtle-y awesome reasons to volunteer in Costa Rica

Cute baby turtles? Check. Sunshine? Check. AH-mazing beaches? Check. Tempted? We thought so…

By Catherine Atton

What’s volunteering in Thailand all about?

There’s more to Thailand than full moon parties and buckets. We are given the privilege of travel, so why not give something back? By volunteering…

By Emma Mitra

Five Must Dos in Southern Thailand

Southern Thailand may be firmly on the backpacker trail, but there’s still loads waiting to be discovered. Join us, as we give southern Thailand a massive High Five, and count down five of our favourite things to do south of Bangkok.

By Guest Blogger

Plan my gap year: top 10 gap year experiences

Year out, sabbatical, Gap Year, running away from “real life”; whatever you call it and whenever you take it, a big trip is good for the mind, the soul and even the CV.