Middle East
By Alexx Hayward

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Jordan Now

Week eight of my crazy 52 countries in 52 weeks adventure took me to the Middle Eastern gem of Jordan, the cheapest flight out of…

Middle East
By Rachael Porter

24 hours in Khasab, Oman

Digital Marketing Exec, Rachael, spent a mesmerising 24 hours in Khasab on a traditional Dhow boat, sleeping under the stars. Read her blog to find out all about this incredible city.

Middle East
By Hannah Jeffery

Food trucks, avocado and grilled cheese: The best places to eat in Dubai

Hipsters, hold onto your beard trimmers, because Dubai is the new stopover destination for foodies! Knowing and loving Dubai’s fine dining and streetside shawarma reputation…

Middle East
By Guest Blogger

Why stop in Dubai?

Far too many of us touch down in Dubai and never leave the glistening white walls of the modern terminal building. If you are planning…

Middle East
By Guest Blogger

Skyscrapers, Souqs and Sweet Milk – Emirates Insider Dubai

Today’s blog comes from Alistair Lee – a Travel Expert from our UK Contact Centre who headed out to Dubai in February as our Emirates…

Middle East
By Anna Corbett

17 Adventure Tours Under £800

It’s a well worn myth that you need to empty your purse into a black hole in order to really see the world. Yes, if…

Middle East
By Carolina Ortiz

6 unconventional winter breaks

Winter is here and the familiar exodus to the beaches of Corfu begins (and nothing wrong with that – Corfu is beautiful). But if you…

Middle East
By Lisa Crowther

10 Amazing Flash Sale Adventure Tours for only £399!

So, January has rolled around again, and while we’ve got a whole heap of amazing sale offers that are here for the entire month, we’ve decided, just ‘cause we like you so much, that we’re going to up the ante that bit more and offer some incredible – and totally unbeatable we might add – savings on a selection of some of our favourite adventure tours. Check out our best 10 deals on tours for this week.

Middle East
By Stephanie Mitchell

10 Amazing January Sale Deals That Will Help You Make 2014 Unforgettable!

This year’s sale deals are, quite frankly, ridiculous. And we mean that in a good way! We’ve got so many deals floating around, that we decided to choose our our top 10 to make your life easier! Heren are our top 10 sale deals that will make your life unforgettable…

Middle East
By Cath Millman

Turn your stopover into a start-over

A necessary evil to fly for the best price, stopovers are often best forgotten. Unless you enjoy sleeping on the cold, hard floor of an airport waiting lounge of course. But why not treat it as an opportunity? With a little know-how, the humble stopover can become the start of something amazing.