North America
By Guest Blogger

How to travel Hawaii on a Shoestring

Ideal temperatures year-round, incredible scenery and beautiful beaches with world-class waves – the islands have something for everyone. It’s no secret that Hawaii is an…

By Lisa Crowther

7 Ways to Choose the Right Volunteer Project For You

With such a huge selection of worthy volunteering projects to choose from, it can be difficult to pin point exactly which is right for you. Here are our top tips for choosing your project and making the most of this unique travel opportunity.

By Kim Durbridge

12 truths about travelling as a couple

Take it from someone who has been there, done that, got the cheesy couple selfie… for all of fourteen countries over a period of eighteen…

By Jemma Wilson

Hello Australia!

Meet Pippa. Former STA Travel Customer Service Manager, European travel addict, and the manager of our new Working Holiday Heroes in Australia. (Essentially, the nice…

By Anna Corbett

72 hours in hidden china – Guangzhou

China Southern Airlines have long been loved by travellers for their great value fares to Australia/New Zealand and Asia. Now there’s an extra reason to…

Latin America
By Anna Corbett

Which Machu Picchu Trek should I do?

The Inca Trail is an iconic trek through a spectacular landscape ending at one of the most beautiful historical sights in the world; in short…

By Anna Corbett

6 Travel mistakes the Inbetweeners made in Oz, and how to avoid them!

We admit there are some obvious mistakes from the epic Inbetweeners 2 movie that we’ve missed out – after all everyone hates spoilers. For the…

By Anna Corbett

The Inbetweeners 2 Guide to queensland

Hot on the heels of The Inbetweeners 2 trip down under, here are the lads’ top tips and advice on how to get the most…

By Anna Corbett

Take to the air and hop around Oz

Australia is big. We mean really big. It’s the largest island in the world, wider than the distance between London and Moscow, has 10,000 beaches…

Latin America
By Siobhan O'Brien Holmes

21 things you probably didn’t know about Colombia

Tempted to head to Colombia? You will be after reading this..