By Hannah Jeffery

From the experts: safety tips for travellers

As it’s International Parents’ Day on the 1st June, we thought we should spare a thought for the people we leave behind when we disappear off…

By Rachael Porter

Travelling the world with locked-in syndrome

When Mia was 21 she suffered a severe stroke which paralysed her from the neck down (aka ‘locked-in syndrome’). A passionate traveller, Mia didn’t want to let her situation stop her from experiencing the world and everything in it, and has launched a campaign for travellers with disabilities, to show them you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

By Guest Blogger

The Ultimate Guide to the Australia Working Holiday

We’re Matt and Ally, a British/Canadian couple who live for travelling and blog about it at Borderline Backpackers. We’re here to help you with getting an Australia Working Holiday visa, nailing a job while you’re there, and staying as long as you can.

By Alexx Hayward

The ultimate guide to solo female travel

After moving to the other side of the world (twice!) and ticking off twelve countries solo, I’ve pulled together the best tips and tricks to help you feel safe, prepared and confident to take on the globe as a solo female traveller

By Guest Blogger

10 reasons to book a Thailand tour with Contiki

We partnered up with Contiki recently to send Ellie Quinn, influencer and travel blogger of The Wandering Quinn on two separate tours of Thailand – lucky gal. She put together a list of 10 reasons travellers should consider their tours – buckets of alcohol and fried scorpions excluded.

Latin America
By Emma Mitra

Your Rio Carnival Survival Guide

The time to get your flights to Rio Carnival booked is fast approaching, so check out our guide to help you make the most of every single sequinned-head-dress, street-party-dancing, samba-moves-busting minute at the world’s biggest celebration.

By Laura Caveney

15 foods you NEED to try when you’re in Thailand

Sure, our main inspo to visit Thailand might have had something to do with a younger Leo and a beach but when we visited the…

By Rachael Porter

9 reasons why you should travel with a group

As a self-confessed lover of solo travel, Rachael still came up with 9 reasons why going on a group tour is a good idea.

By Georgina Birch

Which Interrail Pass is best for you?

Whizzing across borders and discovering ever changing European landscapes, jumping aboard in one country and hopping off wherever you should fancy is exactly what an Interrail Pass can offer. But which one is right for you?

By Rachael Porter

11 reasons to go travelling when you’re young

If you haven’t already heard, STA Travel has a little something called BlueTicket – a game changer for those under 31 who are wanting to…