By Georgina Birch

How to be a cheap flight booking boss

Pssst, want to know a secret on how to score some mega savings on flights? Here’s a helping hand on how to be a flight-booking…

Latin America
By Alice Carter

The Galápagos Islands on a budget

I’m Alice, an STA Travel Marketing Exec. As a David Attenborough super fan and proud owner of all Planet earth boxsets, The Galápagos Islands was…

By Guest Blogger

Let's get digital! Travelling the globe with your laptop

You’re heading on a round the world trip and you’ve been told over and over by the travel pro’s to bring as little as possible….

By Laura Caveney

What to do if you fail your A Levels

Happy Results Day! Whether you scraped by, completely bombed it or are one of those secret geniuses who gets straight A’s and says they did bad (we hate you!),…

By Hannah Jeffery

How to plan a gap year

The Gap Year gospel according to STA Travel, hold onto your backpack, it’s about to get biblical.

By Guest Blogger

Five crazy Indian festivals worth planning your trip around

Anna Phipps is a travel blogger at Global Gallivanting who has been based in Goa for the last few years. Since she’s an expert on…

By Guest Blogger

How 1 backpacker rocked our world

Well, this is a story and a half of how TOMS began… One that started with a guy from Texas and his backpack. Blake had…

By Luke Moss

Hopes vs Reality of a long haul flight

To see and explore new places far far away from home is one of the biggest and most exciting adventures life has to offer. You…

By Catherine Atton

Why you should break out of your comfort zone NOW

Your comfort zone is getting in the way of you experiencing new things and taking life by the horns. You shouldn’t accept sitting in the…

By Luke Moss

What can I buy with £49?

£49. That’s a decent amount of money. You can get around 6 take-aways or 10 bottles of wine OR a Round the World trip with…