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Brazil Travel Guide

Brazil is the country of Carnival, Copacabana and an amazing culture. Venture through the tropical Amazon, swim and surf on endless shores of white sandy beaches and get hypnotized by the energetic vibes of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Brasilia. Let the cosmopolitan atmosphere, tropical landscapes, the beach lifestyle and pulsating nightlife enchant you, our STA Travel Experts can help plan your Brazil adventure.
2 speech bubbles Languages
The official language spoken in Brazil is Portugese.
Tower of coins Currency
Name: Brazilian real (BRL)
Symbol: R$
100BRL is approx £24
Clock Time Zone
Time Zone: Amazon Time Zone (UTC-04:00) Fernando de Noronha Time Zone (UTC-02:00) and Brasilia Time (UTC-03:00)

Top places to visit and things to do in Brazil

Beautiful beaches, active tours in the jungle, lazing about in a bungalow... which floats your boat? We've rounded up the best places to visit in Brazil.
Colourful buildings in Brazil

The big cities

Brazil's cities have it all, whether you're after high street shopping, seeing natural sights or seeking out the thrill of a night on the town. Visit Rio de Janeiro's Lapa Steps, Corcovado mountain and epic clubs. Try São Paulo for chaos, craziness and the best cosmopolitan food. Take a drive through Brasília, the country's federal capital with amazingly futuristic architecture.
Beach in Brazil

Beautiful, bold beaches

Backed by rainforests, Brazil's beaches are tropical slices of paradise. Slip into your swimsuit, kick off your shoes and get ready to tackle the sand, sun and salted air at Ilha Grande, the Costa Verde, Salvador de Bahia and Jericoacoara.
Amazon River at sunset

Soak up all the water

From the mighty Amazon river to the crashing waterfalls of Iguassu, Brazil sure knows how to make a splash! Experience these epic natural wonders and be astounded by their dramatic wild side.
Toucan on a branch in the rain forest

Exotic wildlife

Home to incredible jungles, wetlands and of course an epic coastline, Brazil has some of the most incredible ecosystems in the world, and amongst them some truly awesome wildlife. So let out your intrepid side and experience brazil's answer to a safari.

Brazil travel costs

cost of beer in brazil


The typical cost of a domestic beer in Brazil is 6R$ (approx £1.46) and imported beer is about 12R$ (approx £2.90) on average.

cost of food in brazil


The cost of a meal in Brazil is roughly 20R$ (approx £4.85), or grab some street food, like Picanha (barbecued meat) for a good, cheap meal.

Taxi Ride

Looking to catch a cab? A normal taxi tariff starts at around 5R$ (approx £1.21), with an extra 2.70R$ for every km (approx 65p).


Transportation in Brazil is pretty cheap, with a one-way ticket on public transport only costing you 3.80R$ (approx 92p).

hostels in brazil


Looking for a cheap stay? Hostels in Brazil can cost you between 24R$ and 61.80R$ a night (approx £5.80-£15).

hotels in brazil


You can stay in a range of accommodation options in Brazil, from budget to high end - you can get a midrange hotel room from 160R$ (approx £38).

How to get to Brazil

Brazil is huge. It dominates most of the continent and is bordered by ten of the twelve South American countries, making it fairly easy to enter by land. However, most travelers start their Brazilian adventure by flying straight into Rio, but there are lots of other airports across the country, including Sao Paulo. Search for cheap flights to Brazil with STA Travel.
Cheap flights to Brazil

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What's the weather like in Brazil?

Brazil is huge and the climate can vary between regions. The only part of Brazil that sees cooler temperatures is the South (winter is between June and September). In contrast, the North East is too hot to have a winter, and the Amazon region has a mixture of rainy and dry seasons. Most of Brazil's population lives on the coast, because of the comfortable climate.

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