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Japan travel guide

The Land of the Rising Sun, of the Geisha, of the mysterious Samurai, robot bars, anime, technology, nightlife, colourful cuisine, the bullet train ...and the future. Japan is a fascinating land of contrasts and neverending exploration. Check out our Japan travel inspiration below.

Japan costs

Languages Spoken

The official language spoken in Japan is Japanese, however you will also find minority languages such as Ainu


Name: Japanese Yen
Code: JPY
Symbol: ¥
100 JPY is approx 68p

Time Zone

Time Zone: Japan Standard Time (UTC+09:00)

Top cities in Japan

Japan is a place where the ancient and the futuristic seem to coexist in complete harmony, where an elaborate temple may sit side by side a skyscraper and where traditional clothing can be seen next to the latest fashion trends. Get ready to pack your bags and experience the neon lights of Tokyo or explore Kyoto's Geisha culture with our handy city travel guides.








Japan fast facts


The typical cost of a beer in a restaurant in Japan will be between ¥500 – ¥600 (approx £3.40-£4), but if you're going to a convenience store to get one you're looking at a lower cost of ¥100 – ¥200 (approx 68p-£1.40).


The cost of a meal in Japan can range from ¥800 – ¥3000 (approx £5.50-£20), with a bowl of ramen costing around ¥500 (approx £3.40). Top tip: if you're looking for a quick and inexpensive meal such as soba and domburi, keep your eyes peeled around large train stations.

Taxi Ride

Looking to catch a cab? a normal taxi tariff starts at ¥300 (approx £2) depending on where you're going.


One of the best things about Japan is its transportation, with the cost of an adult 1-day subway ticket costing around ¥800 (approx £5.50).


Looking for a hostel in Japan? the average cost per night is around ¥3000 (approx £20).


Japan has a range of accommodation to choose from, including both traditional rooms and Western style hotels, with the average cost of a night being around ¥2000 (approx £13).

Japan travel

Japan Highlights

packages from £746

Ski in Habuka

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Japanese Cuisine

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Mount Fuji

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Kyoto Geishas

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Japan Adventure Tours

Discover Japan | 14 days
Capture the many faces of Japan on this condensed tour - savour the region’s culinary delicacies and the beautiful views at Mt Fuji. You'll stay in a traditional ryokan and really soak up local culture in onsen hot springs. A great combination of the traditional and the contemporary, this adventure provides a taste of the rich culture of Japan.
Now from £2,591 | 15% off
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Japan in one week
Japan in One Week | 8 days
You might only have a week but what a week it is! Tick off three major cities: Tokyo, where you'll dive into futuristic like the Robot Restaurant before jumping on the iconic bullet train to Kyoto with a contrasting ancient atmosphere. Finally, give your taste buds a treat in foodie heaven, Osaka.
Now from £1,813 | 10% off 
view tour
Tokyo to Tokyo adventure | 10 days
This 9-night tour will show off the many sides of Japan in an action-packed itinerary. Not only will you see natural beauty, futuristic cities of neon, world-renowned food and culture steeped in tradition but One Life Adventures will show you the best of the country in just 10 days. From partying in the famous Shinjuku area in Tokyo to exploring the Geisha district in Kyoto. Kawaii!
From £1,575
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work in japan
Work in Japan
Truly soak up the culture of Japan by living there like a local with a working holiday visa! Immerse yourself in everyday life, visit hidden gems lesser known to tourists and save up some cash before travelling the rest of the country.
Travel Japan
Getting Around Japan
From Osaka Castle and Shitennoji Temple to Hiroshima's memorial museum and the bright lights of Tokyo, Discover Japan with its variety of transportation methods to get you from A to B, most notably on their super speedy bullet trains!



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