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Al Khazneh temple in Perta Jordan


Travel guide

With Jordan working it's way up traveller's lists of must-visit countries for 2019, we suggest you consider indulging your wanderlust for Arabia this year. From the lost city of Petra to the tranquillity of the Dead Sea, Jordan combines history and culture to make for an authentic Middle Eastern experience.

Jordan fast facts

Jordan language

Languages Spoken

The official language spoken in Jordan is Jordanian Arabic.

Jordan currency


Name: Dinar
Code: JOD
Symbol: ع.د (or JD)
JD11 is approx. £12

time zone in Jordan

Time Zone

The time zone in Jordan is Eastern European Time (EET) and therefore is 2 hours ahead of London.

Must visit places in Jordan

Close up of Al Khazneh temple in Petra Jordan
One of the New Wonders of the World, this ancient city is a world class sight for architecture, with temples, shrines and more literally carved into canyons. Take a hike up to the top of the treasury, or opt to see it by night for a spectacle of lights. This magical spot needs to be at the top of any trip to Jordan. Petra is approx. a four-hour drive from Amman or two hours from Wadi Rum by bus.
View on city Amman Jordan
The capital of Jordan is a wonderfully modern city with various ancient ruins nestled within it. Visit the blue-domed King Abdullah Mosque, the Citadel for a wander through many Roman ruins and make a trip to the hustle and bustle of Al-Balad for an authentic taste of Jordan – the area is a vibrant mix of shops and cafes.
Wadi Rum valley in jordan
Wadi Rum
Journey to the Valley of the Moon for adventure filled desert madness. Whether you opt for a hot air balloon ride, a 4x4 desert jeep excursion, or camel ride, you can end your day in a luxury Bedouin camp – enjoy an authentic feast, smoke shisha in the open desert air and warm up by the camp fire.
Dead sea in Jordan
The Dead Sea
Famous for its super salty water allowing for the ultimate floating abilities, there’s so much more to this salt lake. Full of healing properties from all the minerals and rich, black mud, your skin will be at its very best after a trip here.

Jordan travel costs

cost of beer in Jordan


You can drink alcoholic beverages in Jordan, which are widely available in restaurants and in the bars in tourist areas. It doesn’t come cheap though, with a pint of beer costing around JD5 / £5.50. For your morning coffee, in a nice café, you can expect to pay around JD2.50 or alternatively a measly half a dinar from a street vendor.

cost of food in Jordan


For a snack of falafel, salad and bread or shawarma (middle eastern version of a doner kebab) you can pay as little as JD1! Or for a bit of a nicer meal in a restaurant, you can expect prices of around 10-15 dinars for a 2-course meal. Try local dishes such as zarb; a feast of BBQ meat that’s been cooked underground or mansaf; a mixture of fragrant rice, lamb and a goat's milk yoghurt that is turned into a gravy.

cost of travel in Jordan


Bus fares in Jordan are super cheap (around JD0.50 per 30 min journey) - but be sure to factor in ample wait time, as buses are not timetabled and will only leave once all seats are full!


Taxis are fairly inexpensive in Jordan. In the capital of Amman, it will cost you approx JD3.50 per 5 miles. At night, meters aren’t always used so make sure to agree a price before getting in the taxi. Or you can opt to use uber in Amman.

hostels in Jordan


Hostels are more like guest houses here in Jordan, with basic rooms and comfort levels. You can get a decent room in a 2* property for around 11.5 dinars / £14.

hotels in Jordan


Feeling fancy? If you opt for a 5* hotel chain, you can expect lovely spacious rooms and you can expect to pay around JD63 / £70 per person per night

When's the best time to visit Jordan?

March to May is the best time to visit as the weather is mild. September to February is great for visiting the Dead Sea but be aware that trips to the desert might not be running as conditions will get frosty. Jun-Aug has extreme desert summers hit so best to avoid this time of year.

Is it safe to travel to Jordan?

It’s best to take caution and travel with care across Jordan – be aware of any political demonstrations taking place in cities (quite common in Amman) and try to avoid these at all cost.

How to get around Jordan?

While bus fares are pretty low in Jordan, they’re not as reliable as you might hope. Departure timetables are more about how packed the bus is, so if you’re travelling on a less-travelled route, you could be waiting a while for the bus to take off. Routes aren't the most thorough either – they're great at covering what’s necessary for the locals but perhaps not so great at covering routes for the independent backpacker. Try a hire car instead for the absolute freedom – the roads are decent and road signs have both Arabic and English writing on them for easy manoeuvring. Alternatively, opt for an adventure tour for an easy way to get around.

Do you need a visa for Jordan?

British nationals do need a visa for Jordan, but these can be issued upon arrival at Jordan airport – you can get a single-entry visa that’s valid for 1 month which cost around JD40.

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