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Silk Road Travel

The Silk Road

Destination Inspiration

Evocative of an ancient world of caravans and traders carrying silks, spices, gems and other treasures, the Silk Road is a fascinating chain of routes linking the far east to the shores of the Mediterranean. Bursting with mystery and magic, the Silk Road travels through some of the most undiscovered parts of the world, via exotic cities reminiscent of times gone by, through ancient market towns and beautiful religious sites. The passing travellers brought with them a fusion of cultures, and this is still seen today along this path connecting Istanbul to China. Discover the likes of Kyrgyztan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and beyond on the most epic overland adventure of all...


Travelling the ancient Silk Road is one of the biggest adventures out there! It requires time, preparation and being ready for anything. Independent travel can be tricky any many visitors join a tour to ease complications. Typical starting and ending points are Istanbul and Beijing, both of which have frequent flights to the UK. Other destinations such as Bishkek, Tashkent and Kashgar will usually require connecting flights. Visas are normally required for destinations along the Silk Road so be sure to check you are up to date with the correct documentation.


For an area stretching more than 4000 miles, weather and climates do of course vary, however there are some consistencies, extreme differences being one of them. During the spring months the weather is stable, with pleasant temperatures and clear skies. The summer months can be stifling, particularly in the cities. Autumn sees temperatures drop and the winter months are usually freezing. Be sure to check the weather for the specific places you intent to visit and pack accordingly. Also note that conservative clothing will likely be needed, especially at religious sites.



China was a vital part of the Silk Road, the ancient city of Xi'an being one of its many hubs. Still today the city is full of remnants, the Muslim quarter being particularly vibrant. Little visited Kashgar is also a gem from the past, once a bustling cultural crossroads, today full of remnants of times gone by. And while you're in China, why not visit the likes of Beijing and the Great Wall too?
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This is a country that is virtually unknown to western travellers, but one that is developing quickly with cities like Astana and Almaty demonstrating the new modern quirks of Kazakhstan. It is the country's scenery that is most impressive however, with the areas of Tian Shan and Aksu-Zhabagly being particular beautiful and perfect for trekking during the spring and early summer.
Tours Featuring Kazakhstan


Kyrgyzstan is known for its spectacular natural beauty and strong nomadic culture. It's a great place to experience homestays in yurt tents at rural villages. Lake Song Kul is popular amongst the few visitors that venture to the country and offers great opportunities for star gazing. In need of a new rug? Kyrgyzstan is home to amazing traditional felt crafts, so knock yourself out in the bazar!
Tours Featuring Kyrgyzstan


Uzbekistan is one of the jewels of Central Asia. The city of Samarkand was once one of the most important stops long the Silk Road and is home to the sensational Amir Timur Mausoleum. The old city of Bukhara is another place frozen in time, with ornate architecture, winding alleys and colourful markets. And let's not forget Khiva, with its incredible walled old town, perfect for losing yourself.
Tours Featuring Uzbekistan


As one of the most famous overland routes in the world, if not of all time, the Silk Road is a must for you intrepid types out there. From exploring bustling bazars and awe-inspiring religious sites to travelling through some of the most untouched landscapes on the planet, this is what it means to truly get off the beaten track. Check out some of our favourite Silk Road adventures below or get in touch with our Travel Experts for more.
Silk Road Travel
Istanbul to Beijing
The Silk Road is one of the world's most iconic adventures with over 4,000 mind-blowing mils offering a myriad of lush landscapes and captivating cultures. Explore wonderful Istanbul, visit Georgia's vineyards, cross the Caspian sea, tour beautiful Uzbek cities, haggle in Kashgar's markets, walk the Great Wall of China and more.
96 Days From £5,660
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Silk Road Travel
Istanbul to Bishkek
On this 54-day overland tour you will get to grips with Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. Wow! Explore the Goreme Valley in Turjey with its underground cities and caves, visit the UNESCO site of Khiva, lose yourself in beautiful Bukhara and see Gobustan's mud volcanos.
54 Days From £3,215
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Silk Road Travel
Tbilisi to Tashkent
Travel from Georgia, through Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan before reaching Uzbekistan on this 29-day overland truck adventure. Wander the charming old town of Tbilisi, wild camp in the Karakum Desert and experience a traditional yurt homestay in the Kyzylkum Desert. This is a great way to explore the real Central Asia and 'Stans.
29 Days From £1,725
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Silk Road Travel
Kashgar to Xi'An
Discover a different side of China, one far off the tourist trail. Start at the famous markets of Kashgar, cross the Taklamakan Desert and unwind in a yurt stay at Heavenly Lake. Tour the Jiaohe ruins, wander historic Dunhuang and stay at the remote western end of the Great Wall of China.
22 Days From £1,445
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