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The Philippines

Travel guide

You may not be able to explore all of the 7,000 tropical islands of the Philippines, but there are some you just can't miss. Cast away on the white beaches of Palawan, dive with whale sharks in crystal clear coral waters, roam through the colossal rice terraces of Banaue, scale active volcanoes, or paddle board through lush green rainforest; find your own way in the Philippines.

Philippines fast facts

Filipino language

Languages spoken

The official languages of the Philippines are Filipino and English. More people speak Filipino than English, but English is widely spoken.

Philippines currency and costs


Name: Philippine Peso
Code: PHP
Symbol: ₱

Philippines timezone

Time zones

The Philippines (GMT +8)

Tropical rain forest in the Philippines

Travel the Philippines with us...

Cebu beach at sunset

Philippines East

Cebu > Moalboal > Siquijor > Siargao



Island hop and see the true beauty of the Philippines from heading underwater and seeing amazing coral reefs, taking on a surf lesson and checking out the local nightlife. Already ticked off the East? Try our Philippines West tour instead.

Northern Philippines mountain range

Northern Philippines Adventure

Manila > Banaue > Sagada > Vigan > Manila



Explore the Northern areas of the Philippines with a trip to the Bayombong Museum, ancient rice terraces, a journey to world heritage listed Paoay Church and so much more in this stunning country.

Philippines beach

Philippines Island Hopping

Manila > Siquijor > Bohol > Moalboal > Puerto Princesa > El Nido 


Roam Bohol’s famous Chocolate Hills (not suitable for consumption), snorkel with massive whale sharks in the clearest of clear blue waters (if the season is right), roam through exotic Manila, chill out in laid-back Siquijor, and soak up the beach vibes of Moalboal. 

Philippines travel costs


A bottle of local beer (which happens to be San Miguel) can cost you as little as 50p, whereas imported drinks go up in price considerably.


A meal from a cheap restaurant or café will normally set you back £2. Something a bit fancier, for example in a sit-down restaurant will cost around £5 per head.


A half-hour taxi ride will cost you around £5. Always make sure your driver has the meter on!



Short bus or jeepney journeys cost pennies, longer ones are a few pounds, and an overnight sleeper bus will set you back £5-10. Boat tickets are cheap too, but for longer ferry journeys, we recommend going with the bigger companies to be safe.



A dorm bed in a hostel can cost anything between £4 and £15 depending on the level of luxury, or size. A single room will set you back about £15, and a double, about £25.



You can often find rooms in midrange hotels for the same price as upscale hostels. Expect to pay around £20-30 a night.

Watch: Philippines unplugged

Experience the Philippines through the eyes of Skinny Living, a British band we sent there on tour. Follow their journey under swaying palms, across crystal clear seas, and through friendly local communities as they write and perform music inspired by their adventure...

Create your INDIvidual adventure

There’s so much to discover in the Philippines, so tailor making your own trip is the best way to explore it! INDI tailor made allows you to do just that, giving you control of creating your ideal trip, with the help of our knowledgeable Travel Experts. 
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How easy is it to travel around the Philippines alone?

Pretty easy! English is widely spoken in the Philippines, meaning you'll rarely get lost in translation whilst navigating public transport, booking boat tickets, ordering food or finding your way to your hostel. A good idea would be to book an adventure tour where you'll meet other solo travellers. There are so many friendly backpackers in the Philippines, you're bound to also meet plenty of new friends in a hostel. We recommend buying a local sim card when you arrive, so you can always stay connected.

How to travel the Philippines on a budget

The cost of living in the Philippines is super low in comparison to the United Kingdom. Food and drink from local stalls and cafes can cost less than a pound, and there are plenty of budget accommodation options available, some costing south of £10 per night. Getting around the islands by ferry instead of domestic flights can also save you a ton of money, but this can take a considerably longer amount of time you'll need to factor in to your trip.

If you've booked onto one of our adventure tours, which range from 10 to 16 days in length, your meals, transport, accommodation and some must-do experiences are all included, saving you hundreds of pounds!

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