Work America

Work America

Ever thought about spending the summer abroad? What about earning a few dollars while you're away?  Sounds like your kind of thing? Work America is for you then! We've teamed up with work & travel experts BUNAC to offer you an exciting working holiday programme in the USA, giving you the chance to earn some cash, do some travelling and gain some great life experience along the way, perfect for your CV!


Now is your chance to supersize your summer by working in the USA! Spend June to September working and living the American Dream gaining international work experience. Whether you're working in a theme park in Maryland, an ice-cream parlour in California or a country club in New England, discover the real America and be more than just a tourist!

Work America

How it Works

From £650

Fancy spending a summer in the USA? Spend up to 4 months living and breathing the American dream in one of the many jobs BUNAC has available to you across the States. Add 30 days of free travel at the end of this experience and you have one summer to remember.

As a member of the Work America programme you’ll land in America this summer with a job and accommodation in hand ready for the summer of your life. What’s more is BUNAC will even help you with your visa application so you can have a totally stress free experience.


It couldn’t be easier to kick start your application. With a £100 deposit you can get the ball rolling and you’ll gain full access to BUNAC job boards and your personal placement advisor. Once your application is begins you’ll have full access to your online account and you can start submitting which jobs you’d like to go for. From here BUNAC can organise your interviews and begin the placement process!

What You Get

With Work America

  • Your own personal placement advisor and interviews with US employers
  • US resume and cover letter building tips
  • Certificate of Eligibility (DS-2019) - essential document needed to apply for your visa and work in America
  • J-1 visa advice and assistance
  • US Embassy interview booking guidelines
  • Assistance obtaining Social Security Number and help arranging a US bank account
  • Access to all BUNAC tours and trips
  • Accommodation fully organised

Sounds like your kind of thing?

Ready to live your very own American Dream? Take a look at what others just like you have got up to in the USA and the benefits they've received from joining BUNAC's Work America Package!