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Work in Japan

Work and travel packages

From city life in Tokyo to some of the world’s most tranquil forests. A 12 month working holiday in Japan will switch your life to the fast lane, with or without a trip on a bullet train. Our Work Japan programme is all about endless fun for excellent value that offers you the chance to live and work in Japan without speaking Japanese! We will support you before you land in Japan, and our in-country partners will continue to do so throughout your time living and working in Japan.

Work Japan

1 week or 1 month package

From £750/950£50 off exclusive
  • Online orientation (around 60 min) including Intercultural Training with an intercultural coach
  • Meet and greet at Narita or Haneda airport with transfers by public transport to your accommodation
  • 1 weeks or 1 month’s arrival accommodation in Tokyo
  • Help with setting up your tax number, health insurance, bank account & SIM card
  • Full support in finding a job and working in Tokyo
  • Job counselling, translating CV, accompanied employment centre appointments & full use of office resources
  • A trusted and resourceful contact person for any questions/assistance for an entire year after your arrival in Japan
  • Visa assistance

Work Japan

4-6 months

From £899
  • Spend 4-6 months working at one of Japan's most popular ski resorts
  • A range of roles such as ski instructors, ski lift operators and hospitality roles. A perfect working holiday.
  • Arrival orientation
  • Pre-arranged hospitality job in a ski resort
  • Subsidised on-site accomodation
  • Discounted season ski pass
  • Assistance with bank account set up, tax file number, health insurance and sim card.
  • 1-week arrival accommodation in Tokyo

Eligibility for working in Japan

  • 1. Aged between 18-30 years old
    To be eligible to live and work in Japan you need to be between 18-30 years old at the time of application for a Japanese Working Holiday visa.
  • 2. Possess a valid passport
    You need to possess a valid UK or Irish passport.
  • 3. Possess reasonable funds
    You need to possess reasonable funds for your maintenance during the period of initial stay in Japan. This is £2,500 without a return flight, or £1,500 with a return ticket.

How to apply to work in Japan

  1. Sign up with just a £100 deposit. You will then be contacted to discuss your programme options, accommodation duration and start date.
  2. Our in-country supplier will then provide pre-departure training and inter-cultural training session with an inter cultural coach.

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What's not included in the Work Japan program?

• Japanese working holiday visa (£21 - however, you will be assisted with the working holiday process by our team)
• Visa support funds (£2500)
• Travel Insurance
• Language Lessons
• Flights

What jobs can you get with a working holiday visa in Japan?

Our package gives you all the essential support from translating your CV from English to Japanese, setting you up with in-country employers and landing you that all-important job.

Typical working-holiday jobs include:

• Waiters, waitresses and servers in restaurants, cafes and fast-food chains
• Retail and sales assistants in shops
• Fruit pickers and farm workers
• Room attendants, front desk staff or instructors in hotels, ryokans (traditional Japanese guesthouses) and ski resorts
• English teachers

Do I need to speak Japanese to be accepted on to the Work Japan program?

Although it is not essential to speak Japanese to land a job in Japan, it is considerably easier (and faster) if you have a basic level of understanding. You may choose to practice Japanese prior to your arrival. However, you may also find it beneficial to buy yourself some super-fun lessons when you arrive. Check out our Japanese language courses where you can meet other like-minded travellers and practice your new language together. Before long you’ll be able to say a lot more than just 'Konnichiwa'!

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